It seems like the one question that’s on every marriage-seeker’s mind is, “Where do I meet someone?” I’ve heard people tell me stories filled with frustration of going to dinner after dinner, party after party, and a variety of speed dating, singles, and networking events with the expectation of meeting someone, and walking away more confused than when they had first ventured out. Nothing really seemed to make sense and so nothing that came after made sense either.

When I first met Emery Abdel-Latif and Micha Balon, it seemed like everything made sense about their story. They didn’t set out to find each other, but were drawn to Zuccotti park by their respective passion for social justice and activism. Many people spend months and even years looking for the right person amongst many wrong people. Good communication and compatibility just seem hard to find. For Emery and Micha, it didn’t take that long to find out what they needed to know about each other. They went into Zuccotti Park being themselves, found each other as they actually are, and let that be the basis of their relationship. They skipped past the pretenses that one assumes are necessary in a first, second or even 10th date. Their relationship grew organically and wasn’t forced to be something that it wasn’t meant to be. There is something special about people being drawn to each other because of their shared values. Even in their wedding it was clear to see a reflection of their worldview…

-Khalid Latif (full article here)

I realize this was a while ago, but totally in love with this story. 

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